Why did we choose Ethereum?

Quantum bases its proprietary solutions on a Blockchain network called Ethereum. Ethereum is a well-known and functional network that, in our opinion, is the optimal solution for anyone wishing to take advantage of Blockchain technology. Currently, there are at least several networks on the market that offer competitive solutions. However, why did we choose Ether? In this short article, we will answer this question and introduce the arguments that support the fact that Ethereum is currently the most secure and green network.

We believe that for projects closely related to Blockchain networks, the most important thing is the long-term perspective. It is important that the choice of Blockchain guarantees stability and the ability to develop a stable and long-term strategy, where the stability of the chosen network is crucial. Ethereum, as a mature project, has already been tested many times and is constantly evolving and adapting to the needs of the market. The fact that the network has survived the biggest market fluctuations while maintaining excellent health proves that the entire network is based on solid and strong foundations that guarantee the continuity of the network for many decades to come, and perhaps Blockchain will stay with us forever.

Ethereum, developed by a group of experienced and advanced developers, is becoming a Proof of Stake network. It is a green solution that prevents energy waste. Energy itself, on the other hand, is increasingly being produced from renewable energy sources. There are even known cases of using thermal and volcanic energies to power blockchain networks.
Technical issues are also important. Ethereum is not only the Blockchain itself, but also the community and the vastness of functional possibilities.  The Solidity language, created specifically for Ethereum, allows for the implementation of proprietary solutions. With the help of so-called smartcontracts, the network can perform the tasks we specify. This is extremely useful in the buying and selling process. In a properly programmed smart contract we can include a lot of necessary information and conditions. Thus, for example, the NFT can include information about the original author of the work and his portfolio address. For each sale, a predetermined commission is transferred to the address of the original creator. This is a form of automated royalties that does not require any external organization to operate. The fee is automatically enforced by smartcontract at the time of the sales process. In addition, every transaction on the Blockchain is automatically recorded and placed in a publicly accessible database. Having a complete record of transactions at any time, we can trace the exact history of each product. This prevents fraud and allows us to accurately determine the prices of goods. The network's charges are proportional to the computing power the network will have to spend on the operations we specify. This mechanism protects the network from overload and abuse.

All the above arguments and the technical capabilities of the network guarantee that Ethereum is currently the best available Blockchain on the market. Creating solutions based on this network is a specialty of Quantum, where proprietary software can precisely match the use of the network to existing needs. Certification using NFT on the Ethereum network is a guarantee of authenticity, originality and transparency. Decentralization of the network provides the maximum amount of security and protects against many frauds.  

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