What is it all about?

Blockchain may seem complicated at first. However, we don't need to understand the entire technology to benefit from its applications. We don't need to know how a phone works in order to make calls from it every day. The same is true here. Blockchain and its applications are beginning to appear in our daily lives. NeoBay.io, as a platform for NFT, is the first to offer certification using this technology.


NFT is not just images. NFT is not just art. NFT is a technology that has many more practical applications. For the first time in the history of the digital world, we have the ability to create unique and unalterable digital objects. Stored as a token on the Blockchain network, it stays there forever and guarantees that your product is original.
Above all, NFT is eco-friendly. Our solutions save resources and a huge amount of logistics. When your customer buys his favorite product, he doesn't have to look for the serial number to enter on the website, he won't have to store a paper warranty. All he has to do is scan the QR code. A code that refers directly to the unique NFT, which stores unique information about each product. In the proprietary application, he will find all the information he needs to fully focus on experiencing your product.


Interestingly, NFT certification is not only a fully secure, digital and innovative solution, but also a way to reduce the cost of the entire process. Having a certificate in the form of NFT also guarantees a number of other benefits.
First of all, an open database that anyone can access. We can easily trace the transaction history and its value. This protects against fraud and price manipulation.
With the use of NFT and dedicated tools, you can easily check if a customer actually owns your product - WITHOUT collecting his/her PERSONAL DATA. By using NFTs we respect our customers privacy. Zero data is taken from users.
Furthermore such NFT can be used as a ticket of entry or confirmation of membership in your loyalty program.
This form of data and product security is also future-proof due to its integration with metaversum. By creating an NFT today, you leave the door open to a fully digital world and digital twins. Start conquering the metaversum world and be light years ahead of your competition.

We treat everyone individually, because we know that your offer is only for your customers. We will find the solution that will be most convenient and economical for you.

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