Custom Blockchain Coding Philosophy

Quantum develops software according to the principle of custom coding. With us, every line of code is created consciously, from scratch. In a world full of templates, ready-made products and plug-ins, does custom coding make sense?

Absolutely yes!  

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Today we will present the advantages of using custom coding, tell you why creating according to this philosophy we gain market advantage and why it is worth knowing your code. Of course, everything has its downsides, and we will also tell about them.  

For the purpose of this article, we will compare creating new software, for example, an application to creating a new suit. At the beginning we are faced with a decision - do we buy a ready-made, or is it time for a trip to the tailor? Usually we choose the ready-made. Tried-and-true cuts, large selection, nice colors, you can choose separately the jacket, separately the pants. We try the ready-to-wear pieces on, exchange them until we finally achieve a satisfactory result. We look elegant, and the cost of such a suit is bearable.  

The same is true for the creation of applications. There are a huge number of ready-made solutions on the market that we can implement into our software. It is enough to create a base, and then plug into it a ready-made module responsible for specific actions. This has its advantages, just like buying a ready-made suit. We get the solution faster, and we can choose individual components from those available. Quick, in this case, does not mean better.  

A kit constructed in this way will probably work, but the real problems begin only later. Each module is created individually, and we have no guarantee that the various modules will work together. Let's imagine a situation in which we choose our first module. Our first plaid shirt. It's time for another functionality - we add another module to implement it into our application. This time our module is striped pants.  Although the modules will work, as the pants and the shirt can be dressed, our elements will clash with each other. Choosing a plaid shirt will leave us with a plaid shirt. In the course of the application's operation, we will encounter further problems that may arise over time due to faulty communication of the modules. This is just the beginning, but what if there are many more modules? In fact, we will spend more time optimizing and linking them than writing them from scratch. Changing one module, can cause errors in others and the circle closes. This is where the first advantages of custom coding begin to reveal themselves.  

Custom coding is nothing more than creating a tailor-made suit. To begin with, we choose materials. Of course, we choose those that suit our needs. In the case of ready-made modules, we do not have this option. We get a ready-made pattern and a ready-made material. Then there are fitting sessions. We need to get to know each other's size and the customer's needs in detail. When we know what we are doing and for whom - we start work. By creating our code from scratch, we can be sure that all modules will communicate seamlessly with each other and exactly meet the needs of our customers.  

We also have to answer the question: what about in case of failure? Off-the-shelf modules, although they offer customer support, it is not as effectual and only applies to that one module. It's also harder to fix something we don't know.  Quantum knows its code from the ground up and can react in real time to all possible problems and incompatibilities.  

Development and forward thinking is also important. According to the principle of custom coding - our code is open and suitable for development. We can easily add more modules and functionalities without worrying about the functioning of the whole software.  

As for the downside - certainly custom coding requires more work and more knowledge. Only experienced pro gamers are able to create code from scratch. It is a more time-consuming process, it is, however, one that gives tangible benefits to each client.  

In conclusion - using ready-made solutions has its advantages. It speeds up the work and we can deliver the solution to the client much faster. The customer satisfied with the project's turnaround time is not aware that during the use of the application there may be errors that did not come to light during testing. Creating a tailor-made solution guarantees full funcionality according to our needs. We do not waste time on things that are unnecessary, and all our power is focused on providing a solution that will serve for years, that will be open to new implementations and that we can easily change according to changing market conditions. 

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