ENS: Give yourself a name!

For quite some time, Blockchain addresses were boring. Just a string of random letters and numbers starting with 0x. It was really hard to distinguish who is who. In addition to that, it is rather counter creative and not friendly to our personal brands and identity. We people like to express ourselves. Everything changed with the addition of ENS, that is Ethereum Name Service. Choose your nicknames folks because it is time to express yourself on Blockchain! 

expressing yourself

The whole process isn’t anything new or complicated, however you do need to log in through your blockchain wallet. We are using Metamask, and it is working just fine. 

The first step is to search. Every name like traditional domain have its structure. In this case, we have simple template of: example.eth. So now you can try to search if your desired name is still available. If yes, you can move to the second step, which is to register. 

Registering your name involves some fees, but the cost isn’t much higher than buying some traditional domain. Registration is designed, so every buyer is safe and the name is guaranteed after 2nd confirmation, so no one will buy it just before you or because they have faster internet. 

The final step is to manage. At first, it might seem a bit complicated, although ENS is providing every tutorial and instruction needed. Over time, UX will improve and everything will be much clearer. In this console you can manage your names and addresses. Which one goes where and how. 

What is more interesting, you can integrate your ENS name with already existing website on DNS (traditional domain). Then you can put everything in IPFS and have your website decentralized and secured. Furthermore, you can access it with your ENS name. It involves some effort, but it’s totally worth it. Be ready for the future!  

 ethereum name serviceENS application is simple and intuitive.

The name itself not only gives you a nick, but also a few benefits as well. For starters, it contains your new and shiny NFT avatar and profile data. Under your name you can store more than one address. This is amazing. If you want to get payment or just transfer some crypto You can just send your ENS name and the system will recognize the currency, and it will be sent to corresponding wallet automatically. It works not only with crypto, but with NFTs as well.

In accordance with blockchain ideas, the names can be sold on free market. It works similar as domains, but we have all the transaction history and every price. Clarity and decentralization above all. Of course, the shortest the name is, the pricey it gets. You can see the names and it's prices even at opensea.

To sum things up - Blockchain is evolving and getting every functionality that it needs. Giving the possibility of expressing yourself and simplifying the whole process of sending crypto and NFTs is a really great thing. We are looking forward to more!


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