Advantages of NFT Certficiation with, as an NFT platform, has a market tested application for NFT certification. We implemented the first NFT certification project in Poland in cooperation with Polish watch manufacturer Blonie and CD Projekt RED GEAR, which we talk about in an earlier post (study case).
While there is a lot of talk about NFT and blockchain networking itself, what are the real benefits of using this technology right now?

NFT guarantees the creation of a unique digital token. It is non-counterfeitable and non-exchangeable. Such a token can then be assigned to any physical object via a QR code, metadata or NFC tag. The very fact of linking a certificate to a product in this way is much more secure than attaching a paper or electronic certificate alone. In addition, this form of certification carries three main advantages.

First - maximum security. The certificate in the form of NFT is unforgeable and unhackable. Although NFT thefts do occur, they are isolated cases. However, even in the case of theft - Blockchain provides full accessibility to the history of transactions and transfers. We always know where the certificate is located and when it was transferred. Thus, it is easy to identify, mark or exclude it. The originality of the certificate can be easily confirmed - by checking if it was issued by Only certificates issued from our account are original. In the blockchain network, everything is visible and stays there forever. We know that the certificate we put on the Blockchain today - will already stay there. In addition, according to the wishes of our client - we can create a proprietary application, which, thanks to an intuitive interface, will allow any user to check the above data in one place. Not to mention that the certificate in this form is resistant to mechanical damage. We can not lose or misplace it like the one in traditional form.

Secondly - economy and ecology. By creating certificates in digital form NFT we do not use paper or any physical resources. In addition, Ethereum, which has recently been operating in Proof-of-Stake form, uses more than 99% less energy to operate. The cost of this service is also lower than the cost of the entire process of preparing and printing certificates. With paper certificates, we have to put in a huge amount of effort to make it difficult to forge. With NFT, this is simply impossible, due to the nature of the technology. Certification in the form of NFT is therefore a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution.

Third - modernity and innovation. By creating certifications in the form of NFT today, we are already leaving the door open to the future and the digital world of Metaversum. With NFT, your products will easily be transformed into digital twins, and your customers will be able to proudly display them in the virtual universe. Your company will gain a powerful marketing tool to create an image of an innovative company that uses cutting-edge solutions that guarantee maximum security and savings - for you and your customers.

In conclusion - although Blockchain for many of us may still seem like a song of the future - with Quantum you can take advantage of its benefits today. We have a market-tested solution for NFT certification that is as secure, green and innovative as possible. Our technology and application is constantly evolving and fully adaptable to your needs. It is worth taking advantage of NFT today.

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