Mint your NFTs with®

A prototype module for minting your very own NFT's has been released on®.

Every NFT that will be minted through is placed directly on the Blockchain network. The metadata is protected by an IPFS network and a backup of users' files is also stored on AWS server.

The usage of the module is free of charge. The only requirement is to log in via your Metamask wallet. HERE are instructions of it's installation. We recommend Metamask wallet to any user who wants to use applications related to Blockchain. Metamask allows you to freely browse Web3 portals and significantly improves integration with Blockchain.

Minting NFT using the module is done as follows:

1. On, log in via the Metamask wallet. If you do not have a wallet HERE you will find instructions on how to create account and use it.

2. After signing in go to "My account" page.

On the page you will find the button "Mint NFT"

3. After getting to the "Mint NFT" page you will see the options avaible for your NFT. Currently you can mint on the Ropsten network. Below you will also see the address of your Metamask wallet. This is where your finished NFTs will be sent after being placed on the Blockchain network. Here you can also give a unique name for your NFT, choose the number of tokens that will be generated and add a short description.

4. After you click on the "cloud" icon, a menu of file selection will be opened. Here you can choose any media file of your choice and your ownership which you want to assign a new NFT token. After adding the file, its thumbnail should appear at the bottom.

5. You will start the process of minting an NFT and adding data to the Blockchain network using the "Mint" button. You will then be taken to the "Minting NFT progress" screen. Creating NFT and saving data can currently take anywhere from 30 seconds to 2-3 minutes. Please wait until the bar is completely filled.

6. Now you can go back to the "My Account" panel. Here you will see all the NFTs you have created.

In the following modules, further functionalities will be added to the platform according to the expectations and opinions of our community. We will also make available the possibility of further transfer and exchange of NFTs within our platform.

The current version of the module is available only for personal computers. Mobile version will be available soon.

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